سباقات الهجن مزار ساحر للسياح

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Camel Racing Series C1 Championship final - in pictures

Race winner and season champion Joanna Patejuk from Poland celebrates after the final Female Camel Racing Series C1 Championship race of the season at Al Marmoom Camel Racing Track in Dubai. All photos: EPA


International Women’s Day

Joanna Patejuk participated in the Polish Pavilion’s Celebration of Women’s Day on March 8th, 2022. Speaking about her different passions and professions including flat racing with horses, being an artist as well as currently leading the C1 Championship tally at ADCRC.

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An Irish Teacher is part of the first-ever female camel racing team in the UAE

When Katie Higgins thought her journey in the UAE was coming to an end she decided to ingrain herself in UAE culture one last time.
She didn’t want to leave with any regrets, and in a fleeting moment, she realised she had never ridden a camel.

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البولندية جوانا نجمة الجولة الثانية لسباق الهجن للسيدات

توجت البولندية جوانا باتيجك بلقب الجولة الثانية لسباقات الهجن للسيدات، التي ينظمها مركز الصحراء العربية لركوب الهجن، بالتعاون مع نادي دبي لسباقات الهجن، وحققت باتيجك المركز الأول في السباق، الذي احتضنه ميدان المرموم للهجن في دبي لمسافة 1200 متر، وشاركت في رعايته شركة «كاميل كوين»، وجاءت في المركز الثاني النيوزيلندية سارة كولينز، وحلت في المركز الثالث الألمانية ليندا كروكينبيرجر


The women making history racing camels in Dubai

Camel racing can be traced back to the seventh century in the United Arab Emirates. Fast-forward to 2021 and a group of women are making history in the world of camel racing.
As part of the C1 Championship in Al-Marmoom, the team from the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre took part in the first licenced female camel race.

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Everything to know about the first licensed female camel race in the UAE

While camel racing is a centuries-old pastime in this region, the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Center (ADCRC) has brought something new to the sport – the first licensed female camel race.
The event took place a couple of weeks ago as part of the C1 Championship in Al Marmoom, with an impressive audience of over 200 spectators.

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النيوزيلندية سارة بطلة سباق هجن الصحراء العربية

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Female Camel Racing Championship at Al Marmoom

Participants prepare to compete during the first Female Camel Racing Series C1 Championship at Al Marmoom Camel Racing Track in Dubai. All photos by EPA

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UAE WOMEN – Women take on camel riding in UAE

ADCRC & Guy In Dubai Season 2021

Paris Norriss rose to the challenge to race against our female camel jockeys. How did it go? Stay tuned for our episode of Guy In Dubai.

How the UAE's first all-female camel racing team hopes to transform the sport

The Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre is training women to take part in the annual heritage races

هذا أول فريق نسائي لركوب الإبل في الإمارات

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة (CNN)– عادة ما تتجه النساء إلى ركوب الخيول، ولكن أصبح بإمكانك اليوم أيضاً تعلم ركوب الهجن أيضاً، في صفوف يقدمها مركز يُعد الأول من نوعه في دولة الإمارات.
ويقدم مركز الصحراء العربية لتعليم ركوب الهجن في دبي حصصاً تدريبية خاصة بالنساء.

The first female camel riding team is launching in the UAE

After being at the centre of life in the UAE for many decades, camels have are a symbol of Emirati heritage.
So much so, the country is now set to create its very own and first female camel riding team.
As displayed on the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Center’s Instagram story, there will be regular training throughout their journey for women of all skill sets, as they can enhance their knowledge in the sport.
Team members will potentially be able to take part in competitions while working closely with the camels to understand their personality traits.