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Arabian Desert Camel Riding Center

ADCRC is the first licensed camel riding center in the region, dedicated to train riders in the skills of camel riding and handling, following traditional forms of riding and modern adaptation, incorporating aspects of animal welfare, education and of course Arab hospitality.
At the core of the center stands an ambition to redefine stereotypes around camels and reignite a passion for camel culture.
We love to see our students learn, thrive and explore, and diving into simplicity and tranquility, that is the core of working with camels.
We provide students with a safe place to learn how to find their balance on camelback, and how to guide the gentle giants. We teach confidence and care as well as the skills required to participate in races.

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C1 Championship Season 2 - Third Race

Season Kick off October 22
Al Marmoom

4 Days in Wahiba Sands

North South Route
An unforgettable time crossing the dunes and valleys of the Wahiba Sands
We require you to come and join some of our lessons to train for this trip.

Stay over night in the midst of countless camels. Book a tent stay with us and wake up to the sounds of animals and a fresh cup of Karak.

The best way to spend winter in Dubai.


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With an emphasis on applied learning and group learning, we promote thoughtful and animal friendly riding to enhance both physical and mental well-being for participants.
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